Worldwide Autographed Photo Cards

Welcome to my website WORLDWIDE AUTOGRAPHS!


My name is Luciano and I am a Swiss aficionado and collector of original autographed photo cards from worldwide celebrities from Hollywood movies and Television shows.


My collection goes from popular actors originating from the Silent Movies era up to contemporary times.


I received most of the signed cards by asking the actor directly by postal mail. Some other cards, especially the ones of deceased actors, where bought by me at specialized internet shops or by bidding on auction platforms.


I am especially proud of the many signed photo cards where the celebrities dedicated the cards especially to me by adding to the signatures my name (“to Luciano”) in handwriting.


I have decided to share my huge collection of around 4000 (!) autographed photo cards with all of you. Presently, you will find only around 1000 - 2000 cards on my website, since it takes a lot of time to upload and classify each one of them individually. But I am uploading new ones on a regular basis.


By clicking on the individual pictures you can see them on a larger scale.


Are you looking for a specific actor and you would like to know if she or he appears on my website? Then use the Google search engine at the end of this page to check this out.


I hope you will find my website useful and amusing.


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